Options for floor coatings in Kansas City, MO are seemingly endless. But not all garage floor coating systems are created equal. Epoxy coating has the durability and aesthetic to stand the test of time. Read on to learn more about how an epoxy coating can amp up the strengthfunction, and style of your garage floor!

1. Experience the Strength of Kansas City Metro Garage Floor Coatings

When it comes to your Kansas City Metro garage, floor coatings can give you the strength you need. But what sets epoxy coating apart? Unlike paint (even epoxy paints), a true epoxy coating is a cured thermosetting resin. The curing process leads to cross-linked polymer structures that can withstand heavy use. The superior strength and durability of an epoxy coating can endure rolling toolboxes, jacks, and heavy machinery without cracking, chipping, or denting.

2. Lower Time Spent on Maintenance with Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems

Epoxy garage floor coating systems are smooth and impermeable. You won’t need to worry about liquids or dust leaking into cracks in your concrete. In addition, you can eliminate the dust that comes with concrete floors with an epoxy coating. The moisture barrier of epoxy garage floor coating systems makes it easy to wipe up chemical spills, gas leaks, mud, anti-freeze, and brake fluid. Your new floor won’t stain or retain flammable liquids, so you’ll have peace of mind without wasting valuable time on strenuous clean up tasks!

3. Amp up the Appearance and Safety of Your Garage!

Garages and workshops are seldom associated with style, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Sleekly designed floor coatings in Kansas City, MO can enhance your space’s aesthetic—and, as a result, your home’s value! Whether you choose an understated grey or a mixture that celebrates your favorite sports team, your epoxy coating will look sleek and clean. And, the reflective surface of your new floor will bring some light to your workspace. You can even opt in for a non-skid coating that will enhance your floor’s safety!

Whether you’re looking to inject some life into your garage’s appearance, or your concerns rest more with improving the safety and maintenance of your workspace, epoxy garage floor coating systems are the answer you’ve been searching for! Depending on your choice of coating, you can have your new coating installed in as little as one day. Contact your local experts to learn more about floor coatings in Kansas City, MO!