For many homeowners in Kansas City, epoxy coating conjures up images of one thing, and one thing only: garage floors.

Even though garage floor coatings are certainly one of the most popular uses for epoxy, the garage is far from the only room in your home that can benefit from this unique surface treatment. Keep reading to find out why epoxy makes the perfect basement floor coating as well!

Why You Should Consider an Epoxy Basement Floor Coating

1. Waterproof Durability

Of all the rooms of your Kansas City home, your basement is one of the most likely areas for water damage, whether from rain-related flooding, a sump pump malfunction, groundwater seepage, or underground pipe issues. That means that your basement floor coating must be able to withstand the heaviest wear and tear—which is where epoxy truly shines! 

Epoxy is resistant to chemicals, abrasions, and heavy impacts, and when properly installed, it displays strong adhesion. These characteristics make it the perfect choice for below-ground areas like your basement.

2. Easy Maintenance

Because epoxy basement floor coatings are so durable, you won’t have to work hard to keep your basement floors in mint condition. Just a basic wipe-down from time to time should be enough to maintain a polished, clean look!

3. Beautiful Styles

Epoxy may not sound like the most stylish of floor treatments, but modern advances have brought a huge boost to the visual appeal of this resilient material. Here at ETEK Custom Coatings, we offer hundreds of color, texture, and design combinations—ensuring a basement floor coating that will seamlessly complement your home décor.

4. Fast Installation Times

A finished basement is the perfect place for at-home entertainment and relaxation…but all too often, families are forced to wait weeks and weeks on end to finish the space.If you want a beautiful result without the wait, epoxy is the ideal choice!

Our epoxy basement floor coatings have cures times of less than 24 hours so that you can get the perfectly finished, ultra-durable basement floor you want in almost no time.

5. Lifetime Value

One of the most significant benefits of choosing a Kansas City epoxy coating for your basement floor is long-term peace of mind. 

Unlike many types of floor treatments, epoxy offers true lifetime value—minimizing the amount of maintenance and repairs while still keeping a low cost of installation. And with our epoxy coating experts, you’ll get the extra benefit of a limited lifetime warranty!

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