If you’ve spent any time considering a flooring upgrade, you’ve probably come across a popular material called epoxy. But do you know what epoxy is? Or why it’s so well-loved

At our solid color epoxy coating company, we work with households and businesses all across Kansas City to help them make the most of their floors. And we’ve found that while many people are familiar with epoxy, they don’t understand its full benefits. So today, we’d like to clear the air about what epoxy is and why it’s such a valuable flooring choice.

What Is an Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxyrefers to a class of materials that contain thermosetting polymers with epoxide groupsThat’s a pretty scientific definition, so in more practical terms, an epoxy system is one based on two components: an epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener. When these two compounds meet, they react to form a strong, rigid, plastic-like material.

This chemical reaction is what gives an epoxy floor coating many of its key benefits—which we’ll discuss just below.

Why Should I Choose a Kansas City Epoxy Coating?

For many household and even commercial applications, the benefits of epoxy are simply unbeatable. Epoxy flooring systems offer:

1. Proven Durability

Compared to both unfinished cement and many finished flooring systems, epoxy is a much more durable choice, one that:

  • Protects your base floor from stains and scratches
  • Resists chemicals and abrasions
  • Is UV-stable, which means that it resists damage from direct sunlight
  • Strongly adheres to prevent peeling and chipping

Because this material is so strong, it’s also simple to clean, requiring very little labor and no specialized products.

2. Even Coverage

When installed by epoxy coating experts like ours at ETEK Custom Coatings, epoxy offers a very smooth, level surface. This not only makes for a beautiful, seamless look, but it can also prevent the skidding and tripping caused by rough floors.

Moreover, thanks to pre-tinted colors, you’re assured an even color tone and depth even across large areas.

3Low Cost

One of the most appreciated benefits of epoxy flooring is its budget-friendly price tag. Compared to many other flooring upgrades—including repairs, replacements, or other types of coatings—epoxy is one of the most cost-effective choices.

With an affordable epoxy floor coating, you can make a huge improvement to the style and functionality of your space without investing a ton of money.

4Versatile Use

While many flooring materials work best in only one type of environment, solid color epoxy offers practically limitless functionality. From pool decks and patios to basements and driveways, an epoxy floor coating is equally advantageous nearly anywhere.

By installing a valuable epoxy coating, you can be sure that your floors will perform reliably for many years to come, even if you redesign the space or completely renovate that section of your home.

Want to Know More? Contact Our Epoxy Coating Experts Now

Epoxy is a great choice for many residential applications, but it isn’t right for every family. To see whether epoxy would be best for your Kansas City home, contact ETEK Custom Coatings! We’d be happy to show you a demonstration of this material and leave you with a free, no-obligation cost estimate. Call our solid color epoxy coating company or fill out our quick online form to get started today!