A lot of homeowners think that the best epoxy floor coating for basement floors can only be done when it’s warm out. Therefore, they end up delaying a necessary project even longer. In our experience, however, we have found many reasons to install coatings this winter!

Cold Temperatures Won’t Delay Your Basement Floor Coating

If you were applying the coating to an outdoor area, you would need to be concerned with the temperature. Since your basement is in your home, it should not be colder than 50 degrees, which is usually the minimum temperature for epoxy floor coatings. As long as you keep the temperature inside your home warm enough for the coating to set properly, there should be no reason to put off the installation of epoxy floor coating for basement flooring.

You Get the Same Quality

Some people are under the impression that they won’t get the same quality results if they complete their coating project in the winter, but this simply isn’t true. We always do our due diligence to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the work. If for any reason, we feel we can’t deliver the best results, we will decide to postpone the installation. Otherwise, you can expect the same level of protection against abrasions, chemicals, stains, and more.

The Project Get Done Quickly

Since the majority of homeowners are under the impression that they can’t install coatings in the winter, installers usually have more openings in their schedule. If you give them us a call, we will probably be able to get you in right away so that you can begin enjoying your beautiful, new floor in no time at all. In fact, you can start using the floor in just 24 hours from the installation. 

Protect Your Floor

If you use your basement as a place to store your winter clothes and boots, you should install your concrete coating as protection from the harsh road salt. The coating can also provide protection from mud stains, and if you choose a non-slip texture, you can keep yourself and your family from slipping and falling this winter.

Improve the Appearance of Your Basement Floor

Best of all, you can drastically improve the appearance of your basement floor with a customized coatingYou can work with a talented designer to choose your ideal color, texture, and finish so that the epoxy complements your taste, budget, and style. Not to mention, the coating covers up any imperfections in your dull concrete floor.

Get in touch with ETEK Custom Coatings to find out more about all of our basement floor options—epoxy, polyurea, and more! You can call to speak with a friendly service representative or fill out our online quote form to request free, no-obligation pricing for your project.