Concrete Coatings

Concrete is widely used in modern construction from the patio to the garage floor. You’ll even find it in the foundation of your home and the basement! While concrete is a strong and readily available material, it does have some drawbacks.

One of the worst is concrete’s porous nature! This material absorbs moisture, chemicals, and even sucks up dirt and debris. Most of the time, the damage is only visible staining. If your concrete is exposed to the elements and other chemicals, it can develop cracks and pitting as the materials that concrete absorbs causes damage.

Thankfully, there are options for sealing and protecting your concrete surfaces. Consider the application of a concrete coating, like epoxy or polyurea. These products are easy to apply and offer many benefits.

Types of Concrete Coatings and their Benefits

Homeowners who want to protect their concrete surfaces will rely on a concrete coating that provides a water-resistant layer on top. There are multiple products on the market that can be used to coat concrete, such as:

  • Floor Paint: An affordable option, most floor paint is acrylic based. It wears out fast and may need reapplication every year.
  • Concrete Sealers: There are multiple kinds of concrete sealers from siloxane to polyurethane that last up to ten years. These products bond with the concrete to seal out water.
  • Epoxy: A heavy duty epoxy coating can last for decades with proper care. It also provides water-resistance, beauty, and is more affordable than polyurea.
  • Polyurea: Another strong concrete coating, patterned or solid color polyurea can also last for decades with the proper care. Its unique ability to flex slightly with extreme temperature changes also helps polyurea coatings to resist cracking and peeling.

Where Can You Use Concrete Coatings?

Concrete coatings can be useful in many areas of the home. Consider checking out these options for your property:

  • Garage Floor Coatings
  • Kitchen Floor Coatings
  • Patio Concrete Coatings
  • Pool Deck Coatings
  • Basement Floor Coatings

Epoxy and Polyurea Concrete Coating Styles

While concrete paint comes in solid colors and concrete sealers are usually clear, the other options, like polyurea and epoxy coatings, are available in a variety of patterns. Homeowners can opt for any of the following with their concrete coatings:

  • Solid Color Polyurea: Available in dozens of colors from the bold to neutral. You can also specially order a custom color.
  • Solid Color Epoxy: You can find solid color epoxies in a wide range of shades for different decorating themes. Or order a custom color for your home.
  • Chip Flake: This durable, fade-resistant concrete coating option usually features two colors of epoxy chips.
  • Quartz/Stone: Similar to the chip flake option, these floor coatings use ground stone particles to create a strong, high-end surface.
  • Metallic Pattern: Many homeowners also like the intense swirls of a multi-toned metallic patterned floor.

Save Time and Money with a Professional Concrete Coating Installer

Applying a concrete coating is essential to keeping your surfaces functional and attractive. Whether you already have painted concrete in need of an update or just want to protect a new concrete floor from the start, ETEK Custom Coatings can help out. We offer a variety of epoxy and polyurea concrete coating designs that protect while adding style to your home.

For more information on how you can save time and money with a professional concrete coating installer, reach out to ETEK now. Just give us a call or fill out our online form to ask about a free consultation and quote.