Garage Floor Coating Project

Floor coatings are the perfect solution for any floor, from residential to commercial. They provide protection and durability, plus they're easy to apply and remove if you ever need to change or repair your flooring. 

The new year is the perfect time to tackle your concrete coating project, but not all floor coatings are created equal! There are different types of coating options available depending on your needs. Here's a rundown of the most common.

Solid Color Epoxy

Solid color epoxy is a wood filler that dries clear and creates a solid surface. It's most commonly used in woodworking and architecture, but it can also be used for other applications such as repairing concrete floors.

Solid color epoxy differs from liquid stains because it doesn't require sanding or priming before application. However, like liquid stains, the epoxy will not change the appearance of the material being worked on unless used as an undercoat or finish coat (in which case it will add color).

If your wood surface has dents or scratches in it, filling them with solid color epoxy will give your piece of furniture an overall uniform appearance while also protecting it from moisture damage caused by water-soluble dyes used in some stains. Solid color epoxy works best on smooth surfaces without knots or other irregularities that could prevent proper adhesion between layers as well as between layers themselves--if your project has these issues then we recommend using our clear coat instead!

Solid Color Polyurea

Polyurea is a water-based coating that can be applied over existing surfaces. It's typically the more optimal choice because it is resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and UV degradation. This makes it an ideal solution for areas of your home that will see regular wear and tear such as patios, pool decks, and garages. Polyurea is also waterproof - a great benefit when applied over concrete or wood surfaces!

The application process for polyurea is simple: brush on two coats by hand with a foam roller or sprayer followed by one coat with a bristle brush or roller; then let dry overnight before walking on it again (this includes any humans). That's it! You're done! No need to worry about messy cleanup either since you only need soap and water during clean up.

Garage Floor Coatings

If you are thinking about garage floor coatings, both epoxy and polyurea can be used for your project. However, here are some other popular choices that may be a better fit for your garage floor.

  • Garage Tiles
  • Concrete Resurfacing Coatings
  • Garage Floor Paint
  • Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating

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We hope this article has given you all the information you need to choose the right floor coating for your home. The best thing about these coatings is that they are easy to maintain, so there’s no need for constant upkeep. 

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