Floor Coating Explained

Creating a beautiful floor finish in your residential property is achievable with garage floor coatings; however, a lot of work goes into this process. Garage floor coatings can be installed in as little as one day, but understanding the process from start to finish is important.

Preparing the Floor for Solid Color Epoxy

Before our floor installers can begin to lay down the new solid color epoxy coatings, there is significant work to be done on the current surface. An old concrete garage floor undergoes a process of diamond and hand grinding.

The grinding eliminates large divots, old stains, and smaller cracks. It also makes the surface more porous and better to receive the solid color epoxy solution. Once the smooth flooring is clear of dust and debris, foundational work can begin. 

Laying a Foundation for Solid Color Polyurea

Once the old flooring is prepared and cleaned, your floor coating specialist can begin to lay the foundational work. The process starts with a thick layer of primer, which acts as an adhesive for decorative chips.

Your floor installer will manually broadcast decorative chips across the primed space in excess. After these chips are laid and allowed to dry, any free-moving or excess chips are removed.

Polishing A Beautiful New Floor Coating

After commercial scrappers have removed excess chips, the floors are ready for a solid-color polyurea top coat. The top coat seals the floors and makes them stain and UV resistant for a beautiful, maintenance-free flooring system.

As a final precaution, joint caulking is used to seal the edges of your flooring to the wall. This acts as a barrier to dust and debris and extends the life of your new floors. After a waiting period of 24-96 hours, depending on the weather, you can park your vehicles and resume normal traffic on the floors.

To Sum it Up

Installing a solid color epoxy or polyurea floor coating can upgrade the look of your home while providing an easy-to-maintain surface. Still, there’s a lot that goes into installing floor coatings, and understanding the process may help you choose an experienced floor coating company.

ETEK Custom Coatings has more than 35 years of experience in installing beautiful, durable custom floor coatings. Give us a call to learn more about the process and schedule your free consultation and cost estimation.