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Buckner Garage Floor Coating Company

Garages are an all too often overlooked portion of the home. Many people choose to completely disregard it and simply use it for storage. However, you can modernize your Buckner garage and make it another visually appealing part of your home with custom coating. If you've long desired a custom garage floor that sparkles like the floors in a vintage car collection, Etek Custom Coatings can help you out. Our concrete coating company has been serving the Kansas City area since 2013, and our installation experts have over 35 years of experience. We have a variety of garage floor coating options that'll suit your needs, all at an affordable price.

Benefits of Coating Your Buckner Garage Floor

One of the main advantages of coating your garage floor is the obvious visual enhancement. Garage floor coating adds an unmistakable gloss and shine that greatly boosts the aesthetic quality. Standard concrete found in garages is a fantastic material that's durable, but it's prone to cracking and staining and is quite ugly on its own. Adding a clear coat to your floor will help ensure that it remains protected.  Additional benefits include:

  • Abrasion, Impact, and Stain Resistance: A clear coat prevents any damage that may result from tool dropping, and stops liquid-related stains from discoloring the floor.
  • Increased Home Value: If you ever need to sell your home, a coated garage floor is a major value booster.
  • Easy Upkeep: With minimal sweeping and mopping, your garage floor will never have been easier to keep in perfect condition.
  • Warranty Protection: When you hire Etek, you'll be receiving our impressive 15-year warranty that safeguards your investment.

Choosing an Epoxy vs. Polyurea Garage Floor

With Etek, you have two options for your Buckner garage floor. A solid color epoxy garage floor coating is our more affordable option. This durable material is pre-tinted to ensure you get a uniform color across your entire floor. It's also extremely customizable and can be treated to reflect a wide range of colors and textures. Polyurea is our more premium coating option, and this too is pre-tinted for maximum color coverage. The main draw of this coating is that it's much more durable than epoxy - up to four times so. Regardless of your choice, you'll be more than satisfied with the look it gives to your garage.

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If you're interested in outfitting your Buckner garage with a beautiful floor coating, Etek Custom Coatings are the experts you can trust. Whether you decide on an epoxy or polyurea floor, you'll be blown away by the stunning quality of our installation. Schedule yours today! Contact us for a free quote.