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As the leader in Kansas City custom floor coatings, we’re proud to offer top-notch products at affordable prices.

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ETEK Custom Coatings has plenty of options and information to help finance your Kansas City garage floor coating.

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We ensure that our products are installed correctly every time - guaranteed!

15 Year Warranty

ETEK Custom Coatings Warranty - the leading garage floor coating experts.

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Lasting Benefits With Our Garage Floor Coating Systems

  • Superior Protection From Abrasion, Impact, And Chemical Spills
  • Increased Home Property Value
  • Wide Array Of Custom Styles And Finishes
  • Easy Upkeep With Minimal Maintenance
  • Safety And Functionality Of A Non-Slip Texture
  • Competitive Pricing And Warranties
About Etek Custom Coatings

Chip Concrete Coating Finishes In Kansas City, KS

Having a high-quality, visually-appealing garage floor system is essential for getting the most out of your space. At ETEK Custom Coatings, we believe that quality comes down to the details, and we offer a wide range of stunning floor finishes to enhance the appearance of your Kansas City floors without sacrificing on superior durability and performance.

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Our Process

ETEK Custom Coatings is your partner in turning old concrete floors into highly durable, customized surfaces. From start to finish, our goal is complete customer satisfaction, and we offer a streamlined process that makes installation hassle-free.

Concrete Floor Preparation

Concrete Floor Preparation

Using advanced methods, including diamond grinding, we prepare your concrete floors - while minimizing dust in your home.

Concrete Reconstruction

Concrete Reconstruction

To get your floors ready for coating, we use menders and fillers to fix issues that include pits, cracks, and surface damage.

Concrete Reconstruction

Basecoat Application

A beautiful finish starts with a quality base! Our 100% solids, self-priming pure polyaspartic basecoat is applied to set the stage for the next steps.

Concrete Reconstruction

Broadcasting the Chip

Once your basecoat is on, we’ll broadcast the chip by hand to create visually stunning color and non-slip texture in your new floor.

Concrete Reconstruction

Scraping and Vacuuming

After the basecoat is fully cured, we’ll scrape and vacuum the floor to ensure that all loose and/or vertical chip flakes are removed.

Concrete Reconstruction

Clear Coating for the Finishing Touch

By applying a UV-stable polyaspartic clear coat, we protect your floors from deterioration and yellowing—while giving it a beautiful, long-lasting shine!

15 Year Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with your new flooring system by learning more about our great warranty options!

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