Anti-Slip Resistant Concrete Coatings

Concrete flooring is one of the most versatile options for garages, basements, warehouses, and more. The advantages include durability, fire resistance, rot resistance, and easy maintenance.

However, if your concrete flooring is not sealed, it can easily be destroyed by water damage and chipping which can lead to safety issues in the home or workplace. Choose a beautiful and durable epoxy or polyurea concrete coating for the following safety reasons:

  • Slip-Resistance
  • Smooth Surface​
  • Increased Visibility

Slip-Resistant Qualities

Concrete coatings provide a slip-resistant quality that aids in reducing workplace and home hazards. Textured aggregate is added to the coating to provide roughness on the floor that causes friction, reducing the ability for someone to slip if they have improper footwear or the surface is wet.

Trip-Resistant Seamless Surface

A common problem with concrete flooring is that it can chip away from abrasive furniture, cleaning, or water spillage. When this occurs, cracks and holes are left in the concrete that could cause someone to trip or fall. By sealing the concrete surface with a thick coating, the surface becomes seamless, trip-resistant, and more durable.

Texturized Visible Floor Material

Enhancing safety can be as simple as adding visual texture to the flooring so people can easily see transitions and depth. By adding a texturized aggregate, you not only achieve a rough surface but also help visually impaired individuals comprehend where the flooring stops and begins.

Types of Concrete Coating Options

There are few concrete coating materials that perform exceptionally when applied in residential and commercial buildings. Select a material that combines both aesthetic and functional qualities without breaking the bank. Choose between the following superior concrete floor coatings:

  • Solid Color Epoxy: Epoxy is highly durable, affordable, customizable, and installs quickly. Enjoy solid color epoxy for warehouses, garages, and surfaces that need an extremely tough coating.
  • Solid Color Polyurea: Polyurea is four times stronger than epoxy, but it comes with a steeper price tag. A huge advantage to polyurea is that it can be used in cold weather applications.

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