Concrete Coating in Garage Floors

Are you on the fence about installing a garage floor coating in your Kansas City home? Before you make that final decision, consider the many benefits of installing custom solid color polyurea floors with extreme temperature resistance. Or, installing a solid color epoxy floor that provides cost-effective strength and durability. 

Fix Minor Cracks and Pitting

Most concrete floors require minor repairs as part of the prep work before pouring a garage floor coating. Your concrete coating installer will take care of these repairs, such as sanding down the surface of the concrete and filling small cracks in the floor. In essence, you'll be receiving two services in one for your garage floors. Plus, this part of the process helps restore your floors and make them more functional.

Protect the Surface Against Heavy Foot Traffic and Vehicles

Garage floor coatings are resistant to the impacts, wear, and tear that come from people walking across them and vehicles driving over them. This makes them a great option for areas that are used heavily, but also need to look attractive. For instance, you can pour a solid color epoxy on the floor of a mechanic's shop. Or, you can add a metallic coating to the home garage slash man cave. 

Create a Stain-Resistant Non-Porous Surface

Polyurea and epoxy are non-porous products that won't allow liquids, dirt, or chemicals to penetrate their surfaces. You'll be able to work comfortably on your vehicle and take care of other home projects in the garage without worry about damage to the floors. Not to mention, your floors also become easier to clean up because dirt doesn't get ground into them, and they won't develop stains from spills.

Create a Weather and Chemical Resistant Surface

The garage is a transitional space that is often exposed to the outside air and climate. In the summer, your floor is hit by heat and UV rays. In the winter, it's assaulted by freezing, water, ice, and road salts. Polyurea products are naturally more resistant to extreme temperature changes, without peeling or cracking. Your floors will stand up to the elements and more without developing any issues. 

Reduce Concrete Dust

Concrete that isn't sealed breaks down slowly over time with pressure, exposure, and temperature changes, which causes a fine dust to form on its surface. As you walk across this surface, that dust is picked up on your shoes and carried into your home. Solid polyurea and solid epoxy color coatings help make it easier to spot dust, and prevent concrete dust from forming in the first place.

Learn More About Our Garage Floor Coatings in Kansas City

If you are interested in learning more about installing a solid color polyurea or epoxy coating, give ETEK a call. We'll set up a free consultation with a local garage floor coating installer in Kansas City. Our expert can also go over the other applications of our concrete coating products with you.